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Local Supplier Chipped Wood Mulch

Product Code: 1023

Picture of Local Supplier Chipped Wood Mulch

A value for money mulch ideal for weed suppression in the garden

Chipped Wood Mulch contains general shredded woody plant matter and may include twigs and finer pieces of wood and plant material.

The main use of the product is to inhibit growth of weeds and keep garden maintenance requirements to a minimum. Chipped Wood Mulch also insulates roots of plants from frost, and helps retain moisture in the soil.

Available in 1,000 litre Bulk Bags and in smaller more easily handled 50 litre bags (in multiples of ten). Generally speaking, 1,000 litres of bark, mulch or woodchips will cover approximately 20m2 to a depth of 50mm.

Available in the following sizes:

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10 x 50 Litre Bags£23.35
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1,000 Litre Bulk Bag£38.00
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